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A major factor in the exceptionalism of a Catholic school education is the level of academic excellence and proficiency among the teachers found in the schools of our Archdiocese.

At St. Margaret School in Bel Air, The Jackie Kinzler Memorial Fund, an endowment fund specifically dedicated to teacher certification reimbursement and tuition assistance for those pursuing advanced coursework, plays a significant role in furthering teacher development.

St. Margaret Principal, Anna Shanahan, said, “Jackie Kinzler was one of our most dedicated and inspiring teachers. When she passed away, her husband established an endowment fund with the Catholic Community Foundation in her memory. Because she was such a passionate educator, he wanted to make sure there was something that was left to the school she loved … something to carry on her legacy for the future generation of educators.”

Donna Bynion, Business Manager at St. Margaret’s, said, “Our teachers aren’t required to pursue advanced degrees. They’re doing it of their own choosing. Obviously, however, any additional certification they receive translates into a benefit to our students too.” Kinzler Fund beneficiaries include Principal Shanahan herself who was supported when she pursued coursework needed to advance from the position of assistant principal to principal at St. Margaret’s. Another recent example is a teacher who was is pursuing certification in STEM.

Principal Shanahan concluded with words that can apply all to educational endowments within the Catholic Community Foundation. “Our schools are so dependent on the generosity of donors,” she said. “Tuition alone doesn’t cover everything that we need to do in a year. Any kind of support helps so that our families can continue to send their children here and take advantage of the excellent education offered. Our employees are taking lower pay [when compared to their public school educators] to further the ministry of Catholic education and to bring up the next generation in the Church. So, anything that helps us accomplish that is truly a blessing for us all.”

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