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Benefit More from Your Charitable Giving

Donor advised funds provide greater efficiency in your philanthropic activities, enabling you to place all of your charitable giving under one roof. You can take advantage of the Catholic Community Foundation’s expertise in order to benefit all the charitable organizations you support.

Catholic Community Foundation

The process is simple. You make a tax-deductible gift of $10,000 or more in cash or securities to The Catholic Community Foundation, and we establish a donor advised fund in your name and under our management.

You recommend distributions from your fund to support Catholic programs within the Archdiocese of Baltimore and also other charitable organizations. After our review and approval we issue the grants in your fund’s name.

  • You get the flexibility of one source for your charitable giving, without the costs and administrative obligations of a private foundation
  • You enjoy more ongoing tax benefits than with a private foundation
  • You pay no start-up costs
  • You receive verification for tax purposes of contributions you make to your donor advised fund, and regular summaries of the distributions your fund has made
  • The Catholic Community Foundation provides all ongoing record-keeping and tax preparation for your donor advised fund


Use our planning tools to find the best option to meet your individual needs and support our Catholic Community.


There are Funds that provide income, Funds that can cost you nothing, and Funds that offer tax benefits – all while supporting a worthy cause.

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Not ready to establish a Fund? Consider donating to any of over 400 established Endowments and Donor Advised Funds.


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Resources for Financial professionals to incorporate Endowments and Donor Advised Funds into a wealth planning strategy. 

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