Investment Performance

In the past ten years alone, the Catholic Community Foundation has grown from 300 funds representing $17 million in assets under management to its current level of over $80 million and over 500 funds. Since taking over the management of our funds in 2008, Commonfund, a global investment firm overseeing more than $24 billion in assets, has helped the Foundation attain a 9.3% return on our investment while, importantly, adhering to investment policies that are in keeping with Church teachings as set forth by our Board of Directors.

Our Community Impact


Funds held by Individuals, Parishes, Schools and other Organizations in 2020.


Funds supporting Catholic Education totalled over $50 million in 2020.


Funds supporting Parishes and Clergy totaled over $26 million in 2020.


Funds supporting Ministries, Outreach and Catholic Cemeteries totaled over $10 million in 2020.

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