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There are many ways to support the needs of our communities through the Catholic Community Foundation. Charities may have an existing Endowment or Donor Advised Fund (DAF) on their own to provide funding for daily operations or future needs. In addition, many individuals have chosen to establish their own Fund to provide financial support for a particular cause or organization.

In 2023, there were 47 funds totaling over $11 million established through the Catholic Community Foundation to support Ministry and Outreach programs.

“There’s nothing harder than to know someone’s hungry, especially when it comes to the elderly and the children … and we see a lot of them. Distributions from the Balch Family Fund really put us in the position to say ‘yes’ a lot more than we normally could.”
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Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries
The Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries Endowment Fund

Apostleship of the Sea
The Monsignor FitzGerald Fund for the Apostleship of the Sea

Archdiocese of Baltimore (General)
AOB Communications Fund
The Catholic Chaplaincy Endowment for MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
The Fenwick Family Charitable Fund*
The Founder’s Fund
The Premier See Endowment Fund
The Reverend Edward Sargus Endowment Fund
The Samuel W. and Denise Chairs Family Fund
The St. Francis of Assisi Fund
The William & Mabel Newman Family Fund

Black Catholic Ministry
The Black and Indian Missions Endowment Fund

Catholic Charities
The Carrion and Flahavan Family Fund for Our Daily Bread
The Christopher and Karen Deaver Family Fund*
The Cultural Endowment Fund for Seniors
The Denise R. Fitzgerald Endowment Fund
The Ethan C. Flint Endowment Fund for Children and Family Services
The Jean and Michael Sullivan Endowment Fund
The Kinkopf Family Fund for Catholic Charities
The Mary T. Plunkett Endowment Fund
The Reverend Monsignor John J. Auer Fund
The Russell L. Shipley, Jr. and Sharon E. Shipley Endowment Fund
The Thomas M. and Mary Chairs Family Fund*
The Truman T. and Nellie M. Semans Endowment for Catholic Charities

Catholic Relief Services
The Christopher and Karen Deaver Family Fund*
The Thomas M. and Mary Chairs Family Fund*

Disabilities Ministry
The Francis J. Rasmus, Jr. Endowment Fund
The In My Father’s House Endowment for Disabilities Ministry
The Jacqueline and Miranda Markart Endowment Fund

Haiti Mission
The Delss Fund for Catholic Education in Haiti
The Gerard D. and Teresa L. O’Neill Family Fund
The Leo W. Rader Family Endowment Fund
The Mortel Family Fund for Haiti

Hispanic Ministries
The Our Lady of Guadalupe Endowment Fund

International Missions
The Mission Endowment Fund

Mercy Medical Center
The Pamella J. Norbeck Fund

Office of Respect Life
The Dr. Ellen Yankellow and William Chapman Endowment Fund
The Holy Innocents Endowment for Burial upon a Miscarriage

Retired Religious
The Germaine and David Ricker Endowment Fund*
The Kathryn Chairs Endowment Fund

St. Anthony Place
The Balch Family Endowment Fund for St Anthony Place

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore
The Neighbors in Need Endowment Fund
The Todd and Annemarie Chairs Family Fund

Xaverian Brothers
The Xaverian Brothers Endowment Fund

The Catholic Chaplaincy Endowment for MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
The James and Barbara Jacobs Endowment Fund
The Mary and Nicholas Mangione Family Trust Fund*
The President’s Fund
The Reverend Philip T. Snouffer Endowment Fund

*Fund supports multiple purposes.