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There are many ways to support the men and women devoting their lives to religious service. As members of the Catholic faith community, each of us can play an important role in encouraging and supporting those who answer God’s call.

In 2020, there were over 30 funds established with the Catholic Community Foundation to support Clergy and Vocations totaling over $4.8 million.

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Stromberg Fund “This is a good means to accomplish many things. Also, the endowment is professionally managed with a strong Investment Committee around it. We like the cause. We like the efficiency with which our money is invested. That combination is pretty powerful.”

Bill Stromberg

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St. John Vianney Fund

The Albert Gregory Kelly Endowment Fund

The Alice Creaghan Streett Endowment Fund

The Andrew J. and Dolores M. Bozzelli Family Endowment Fund

The B. Larry and Catherine H. Jenkins Family Trust Fund

The Baird Family Endowment Fund in Honor of Cardinal Shehan

The Bill and Lisa Stromberg Endowment for Tuition Assistance and Seminarian Education*

The Bishop William C. Newman Fund

The Burke-Healy Family Trust Fund

The Corriere Family Endowment Fund

The David and Hilda Aland Family Fund

The Deacon Endowment Fund

The Frank Faimann Family Fund

The George and Rita Rehak Roettger Retired Clergy Fund

The Germaine and David Ricker Endowment Fund*



The Joseph E. Kreft, Sr. Family Charitable Fund for Seminarian Education

The Lloyd E. & M. Agatha Aiken Endowment Fund*

The Monsignor Charles F. Meisel Fund for Seminarians

The Murphy-Faulstich Endowment Fund*

The Ongoing Formation and Continuing Education Endowment Fund for Priests

The Reverend Christopher M. Carney Endowment Fund

The Reverend Joseph L. McManus Endowment Fund

The Reverend Monsignor Alfred E. Smith Endowment Fund*

The Reverend Monsignor Clare J. O’Dwyer Endowment Fund

The Reverend Monsignor Daniel McGrath Endowment Fund

The Reverend Monsignor Paul G. Cook Fund

The Reverend Monsignor Richard E. Parks Endowment for Seminarian Education

The Reverend Monsignor Robert A. Armstrong Endowment Fund

The Reverend Patrick M. Carrion Endowment Fund for the Advancement of Ongoing Formation for Deacons

The Smith & Wendelken Family Endowment Fund

The Special Care Endowment Fund for Priests


*Fund supports multiple purposes.