Why Establish a Fund

Why Establish A Fund?

Express Gratitude to God

When asked why they have made a truly sacrificial gift, many people often say that they have been blessed by God and want to give back to express their gratitude. When you look back on a lifetime of blessings from God and consider how we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, perhaps you will want to establish an endowment fund to help others who follow you in faith.

Provide for the Future of your Parish, School or MinistryEndowment Funds for Parishes

As a faithful contributor all your life, you understand the importance of ongoing support. Our parishes rely on the generosity of parishioners who give through offertory and our schools are supported by tuition. Endowment income serves to stabilize ministry and ensure a steady source of income. Many non-profits derive a significant amount of income from endowments.

Honor or Memorialize a Loved One

Perhaps there is someone who has made a profound impact on your life. It may be a parent, spouse, family member, teacher, or priest. Just as pews, windows, and rooms have been dedicated in honor or memory of a loved one, so, too, can establishing a named endowment fund after him or her act as a lasting remembrance.

Instill Philanthropic Values

You can give your children or other family members advisory privileges to carry on your philanthropy. Many donors feel this is a great way to instill philanthropic values in their heirs.

Leave a Legacy of Love

The Catholic Community Foundation provides long-term financial stability for the causes you and others believe are making a difference in our community. By establishing an endowment fund with the Foundation, you leave a legacy of love that will perpetuate your values and impact many lives for generations to come.


Stories of Giving

Learn How Others Have Established Their Legacy.