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Within the Catholic Community Foundation, there is a constant and deep desire to do good. As Patrick Madden, the Foundation Executive Director puts it, “We, as Catholics, are giving people.”

The recently established St. Francis of Assisi Fund expands the breadth of the Foundation’s impact in our community and its ability to help those among us who are less fortunate. About its inception, Foundation board member, Dr. Ellen Yankellow shared, “The concept of the Assisi Fund was presented to the Board in April of 2017. The fund was established to provide emergency assistance for basic human needs for children and families who are in dire situations. “

Members of the board were encouraged to be part of the inaugural funding. Dr. Yankellow along with several other board members, responded with generous gifts in support of the fund.

This fund will provide the ability to be responsive to situations as they arise. Ford Rowan, a former board member and supporter of the fund, said, “The Assisi Fund’s flexibility helps the Foundation to move more quickly. It’s there to help the poor when they need us most. That’s what St. Francis would do.”

G. Brian Kroneberger, Jr., former Chairman of the Foundation’s Investment Committee and supporter of the fund, believes it will work toward the betterment of the entire Baltimore community. His message to potential donors is, “Clearly, in the greater Baltimore area, not only do we have needs today, we are most likely going to have great needs in the future. The Assisi Fund is a great way to help today and tomorrow, preparing us for whatever comes our way as a region.”

Patrick Madden cited a quote from St. Francis, “Start by doing what is necessary. Then, do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Mr. Madden added, “Right now, the fund is in its seed form. We’re doing what’s necessary. As it grows, the hope is that wonderful things will spring from this fund in terms of supporting those in need.”

Indeed, some day through our prayers and generosity, we may see the Foundation helping to achieve what we now think of as impossible.

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