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Supporting Catholic Causes in Estate Planning.

Think of the biggest decisions you’ve made in your life: moving to a new town, making a major purchase, changing jobs, retiring. How many of those decisions did you make only after consulting loved ones, experts or both? Probably most or all of them. Choosing to include a charitable gift supporting Catholic Causes in your estate plan is no exception. For peace of mind, it helps to talk to these critical “team members” as part of the process.

Your Loved Ones

You likely have family members and/or close friends whose input you value. And you may want to provide for them after your lifetime. Balancing that with a desire to help our mission in the future is easier than you may think, thanks to percentage giving.

Conversation Starters

• “Providing for you is one of my top priorities.”
• “I also want to sustain the mission of my Catholic faith after my lifetime. That’s why I plan to give _____% of my estate to the Catholic Community Foundation.”

Your Financial Planner

Reach out to a trusted advisor to ensure your charitable vision aligns with your financial goals.

Conversation Starters

• “I would like to establish an endowment to support Catholic causes. How can I make it fit with my long-term financial plan?”
• “What are the best gift vehicles for my personal financial situation?”

Your Favorite Nonprofits

We are always happy to answer your questions. Plus, notifying us about your gift ensures that your wishes are carried out as you intend.

Conversation Starters

• “How will my gift further the mission of the Church?”
• “What are the Catholic Community Foundation’s plans and goals for the future?”

Let’s Talk!

Contact us at or 410-547-5461 to start the conversation about your future impact today.

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