What to Consider When Choosing a Charitable Organization

The Bible encourages us to give to others. As you consider which charitable organizations to support, keep these things in mind. “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 The Bible repeatedly encourages us to give to others, share our good fortune, and be generous. So, it’s no surprise that […]

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5 Ways to Meet Your Charitable Giving Goals

With some thought and planning, you can meet your giving and financial planning goals while supporting your faith. We explore how to meet those goals. Like many successful people, you’ve likely made important achievements in your life through a combination of setting goals, working hard, and receiving abundant blessings from God. Setting goals helps us […]

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4 Charitable Gifts That Pay You Income

There are many ways to make charitable gifts — and some of them even generate income for you. Learn about four of those options here The term “charitable giving” usually brings to mind making donations to nonprofit organizations, and sometimes receiving a tax deduction as a result. What many people don’t realize is that there […]

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Stories of Giving: Helping Those Less Fortunate

Learn how three endowment funds are making a difference for local individuals and families in need. In every community, there are individuals and families in need. By establishing endowment funds that benefit those less fortunate, our donors enable the Catholic Community Foundation to provide assistance in times of difficulty. Learn how three endowment funds are […]

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Stories of Giving: Empowering Catholic Education

Learn how two endowment funds dedicated to Catholic education are making a difference in young Catholic students’ lives. Catholic schools play a vital role in the development of children and the community, and establishing an endowment fund can help our schools and students succeed. By establishing an endowment fund benefitting Catholic education, you leave a […]

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How to Leave a Gift to Charity in Your Will

Learn how to leave a charitable gift in your will, so you can support the organizations and causes that mean the most to you. Estate planning can seem like an activity that’s easy to put off, but it’s critical to start thinking about it now. Your estate plan is an opportunity to celebrate God’s blessings […]

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How to Use Your Retirement Savings for Charitable Giving

Learn how your retirement savings can be used to establish or sustain a legacy, instead of burdening your loved ones with unwelcome tax consequences. Many people are saving more for retirement, and the number people who have accumulated at least $1 million in their retirement accounts reached an all-time high in 2019, according to recent […]

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6 Common Myths About Charitable Giving

Charitable giving offers many benefits, but it’s important to make your plans for giving back based on facts. We demystify 6 common myths about giving. Charitable giving — supporting the causes nearest and dearest to your heart — is incredibly rewarding. After all, how better to show your gratitude for God’s abundant gifts than to […]

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4 Reasons to Consider Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are easy to set up and maintain and have significant tax and financial advantages. Here are 4 reasons to consider one. When it comes to supporting causes close to your heart and crafting your legacy, donor-advised funds (DAFs) are among the most popular and effective options available—and with good reason. Created through a […]

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4 Reasons to Update Your Will

Your will is not something that should be created and forgotten. Here are 4 reasons to update (or create) your will. Creating a will is a bit like exercising: We know we should just do it, but there may be other demands on our time, such as work, family, and giving back to the community that keep us from […]

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