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Stories of Giving

Caring for His Fellow Priests:
The Reverend Monsignor Robert A. Armstrong Endowment Fund


Ordained in 1962, Monsignor Robert Armstrong was the Rector of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen from 1984 until his retirement in 2009. Around the time of his retirement, he established the Reverend Monsignor Robert A. Armstrong Endowment Fund.

"I was ordained in 1962. At that time, we were paid less than $200 a month. Plus, we weren't in Social Security until 1970. None of us really saved. I guess we all thought everything would work out somehow. I know that I thought that once I retired I'd be able to choose to live in a rectory, if the pastor would let me come there; and then I would work and help him out with things around the parish for my room and board," Monsignor Armstrong said.

But life for retired priests can be challenging. So, Monsignor Armstrong set up an annuity with the Foundation. "I did this because I was looking around for instruments that I could buy into for support toward my retirement, in other words for income. Also I wanted to help my fellow priests. I've seen the fact that some retired priests don't have much money, especially if they get sick. Some retired priests need support in areas that they never thought they would, for example hearing aids, other medical devices, and dental work. Old priests don't have that much," he noted.

Of the fund established in his name, Monsignor Armstrong added, "It's win win. It's a wonderful thing. I'm happy with what it has done for me and that it's helping some priests."

The Catholic Community Foundation is sad to report the passing of Monsignor Armstrong at age 81 on March 7, 2017.  To learn more about his extraordinary life and commitment to his faith and fellow priests, please see Catholic Review article here.

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