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Stories of Giving

A Gift Of Education for Less Fortunate Children


Dr. Raymond Bahr and Patricia, his wife, became members of St. Vincent de Paul Parish about 15 years ago. A retired cardiologist, Dr. Bahr recalled, "We came to St. Vincent's with the idea that we're going to retire to this parish and be all soft and passive. Read More

Helping Others through Education


Bill and Lisa Stromberg felt a strong desire to give back to the Catholic community. Their goal was to do so in an intelligent way, in a way they felt would be efficient. Bill Stromberg says, "We believe education was one of the best investments we can make." Read More

Caring for His Fellow Priests


Ordained in 1962, Monsignor Robert Armstrong was the Rector of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen from 1984 until his retirement in 2009. Around the time of his retirement, he established the Reverend Monsignor Robert A. Armstrong Endowment Fund. Read More

Ministering to a Dual-Language Community


"When I looked closely I realized that there wasn't much in place for the Hispanic community. It motivated me to do something special. That's how this all started," said Dr. Ivan Garcia, who established The Our Lady of Guadalupe Endowment Fund to foster pastoral work and evangelization among Spanish-speaking Catholics in the Archdiocese. Read More

Supporting Educational and Pastoral Ministries in Our Westernmost Counties


The Bishop P. Francis Murphy Educational Endowment for Western Maryland was established by former Auxiliary Bishop Frank Murphy almost 15 years ago when he left approximately $1 million to assist Catholics in the two counties. Read More

Sharing a Heritage of Ministry in South Baltimore


"It is important for the Catholic Community of South Baltimore not only to have an endowment to preserve the heritage that the three parishes received from their ancestors, but also to leave something for our descendants for years and years to come." Read More

Honoring Father Mike. Preserving the Catholic Tradition for Our Youth


A young couple leaves rural Nebraska and relocates in Maryland. In the parish of St. Michael's in Mount Airy, Maryland, they find inspiration, comfort and a particular pastor whom they describe as "the rock of our family." This is the experience of Keith and Mary Ann Gehle. Read More

A Grandmother's Love for Catholic Education Lives On


"I see Catholic education as integral in the Church today. There is no better way to pass the faith along to our children" Read More

When Tragedy Leads to Transformation and the Joy of Giving


For St. Louis parishioner Marianne Faulstich, establishing The Murphy-Faulstich Endowment Fund represents more than the contribution she's leaving behind for pastoral needs. Read More

A Family Affair: Sisters Establish Endowment Fund


Betty Beachamp and Shirley Young can't remember a time when they weren't enjoying life within St. John's Parish, Westminster. Read More

Testimonial: Henry Sanborn


Henry Sanborn has always had a love for learning. In September 1993, Dr. Henry N. Sanborn volunteered to teach word problems to students in eighth grade algebra class at Immaculate Conception School. Read More

Kreft Family Fund


Joseph E. and Elizabeth Ann Kreft were married in 1953 at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Pikesville. In 1960 they moved to Taneytown and became members of Sacred Heart Parish in Glyndon.Read More

Harford County Couple Earmarks their Estate for Catholic Education

After settling into retirement, Joyce and Hunter Kerlin began to give serious thought to the way their estate should be handled once the two of them have died. What they decided, without much discussion, was the establishment of a fund that will eventually provide funding to students who attend Partners in Excellence schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.Read More

Catholic Community Foundation - Burke-Healy Story

When asked what prompted her to establish the Burke-Healy Family Fund in the Catholic Community Foundation, Rosemary Ciaudelli-Grace said "I wanted to make a donation in honor of my parents with some money I had inherited. When I saw the brochure on the Catholic Community Foundation, it really appealed to me because it was worthwhile and because I could put their names on it."Read More

Sam Chairs: Creating a Family Legacy of Generosity

Sam Chairs

Although he has been a generous contributor to the Archdiocese of Baltimore for many years, Sam Chairs of Ellicott City, MD, tends to keep things quiet. "I like to fly under the radar," he chuckles.Read More

If you would like more information on how you can establish your own named family fund in the Catholic Community Foundation please contact the Foundation at 410-547-5356.

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